This type of integration doesn't require any development on your side other than RSS feed structuring.

We can automatically import content from your RSS Feed into your project and immediately voiceover them.

RSS feed structure requirements:

Your RSS Feed should be validated by

Each <item> shoud include following elements:





Article title


Article URL. The Player use this to automatically embed correct audio to the article.

Any tag with content, for example: <content:encoded>

Article content. This element will be processed into audio.


The author of the article. This element will be storead as metadata.


Article publish date. It will be stored as metadata, and can be used as a real article publish date, for example in a podcast feed.

Set up your RSS Integration

  1. Sign In to your account or Create a new one

  2. Go to the Integrations section of your project (Don't have any? Create a project)

  3. Select RSS Integration in the Integration Type.

  4. Select Language and Voice for your integration (all content of this integration will use current voice)

  5. Enter RSS Feed URL.

  6. Enter RSS Content Tag where stored a full text of article.

  7. Click to the Save button.

  8. 🎉 Congratulations, you create a new project!

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