Cost calculation

To pay or extend the tariff, go to the "Tariffs" section .
Click "Renew or purchase".
Our system can calculate the cost of the tariff based on the data from your RSS feed.To do this, click "Apply to current order", after which the price will be generated automatically.
The second option is to manually enter the average number of published articles per month and the average length of the article, after which the system will calculate the cost of your monthly tariff.

Setting up the payer

Fill in the profile of the payer from whom the payment will be made personal (individual) or organization (for payment on the invoice).
When you select a personal profile, you will open a form for payment via the card, when you select the profile of the organization, an invoice will be generated that you need to pay.
You can view the payment history in the "Orders and Invoices" section.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us by email: